Capturing Your World
Through Our Lens

Dive into the world of Stills + Motion Company, where every frame is a confluence of artistry and
 storytelling.  tells a part of a story, branding, and industrial visual narratives, we
transform ordinary moments into cinematic experiences. Discover our expertise in creating
portraits that speak volumes and content that elevates your brand’s digital presence.


We are a dedicated team specializing in photography and videography, with a commitment to capturing compelling stories through our lenses. Based in Houston, Texas, our mission is to document moments that resonate, both locally and internationally.

We have had the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of clients, each with their distinct narrative. Our portfolio includes projects ranging from the elegance of Porsche to the innovative spirit of ExxonMobil. Our collaborations span across various sectors, featuring names like Hershey’s, Mahindra USA, Merrell, and others. It’s not just the brands that define our work; it’s the unique stories we bring to life.

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BoomStick product 30 second spot

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UAP Company's Molecule Constellation Project at ExxonMobil

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demotu company video

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Nike event video with Simone Biles

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